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  • Rebecca Colao - MA;
    In |ADD Coaches|

    OFI Associate...

    65 Sartell Road, Waltham, MA 02451

  • Terry Matlen - MSW;
    In |ADD Coaches|Online Resources|Products and Other Services|Psychologists and Social Workers|

    I am the founder/director at All of my services are offered online: consultations, group coaching and more. Please visit my home page at As an international exper..., Birmingham, MI 48009

    t: 800-615-9786
    f: 248-644-6684

  • Harriet Steinberg -
    In |ADD Coaches|

    I am a Professional Certified Coach and a Senior Certified ADHD Coach.  I have been trained by the Optimal Functioning Institute, The Coaches Training Institute and JST Coaching. I coach adults and y...

    13105 Rogers Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

    t: 503 - 970-6969
    f: 503 968-6369

  • Russell Colver - CPC
    In |ADD Coaches|

    I coach ADHD adults - professional & business people; women at home; as well as high school; college; graduate; and professional students. Coaching since 1996. Professional coaching certification Jul...

    1004 Broad St, Durham, NC 27705

  • Nancy A. Ratey - Ed.
    In |ADD Coaches|

    Co-Founder; Field of ADHD Coaching (1994); Strategic Life Coach....

    100 West New England Ave., Worthington, OH 43085

    t: 781-237-3508
    f: 617-275-8689