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  • Mindscapes Unlimited
    In |ADD Coaches|Products and Other Services|

    Lori specializes in working with entrepreneurs and business professionals with "busy minds". She believes in positive psychology, looking at assets, and maximizing brain potential....

    7094 Lake Dr. #160, Lino Lakes, MN 55014

  • Julieann Myers-Center For Healthy Change
    In |ADD Coaches|Licensed Mental Health Therapists|Psychologists and Social Workers|

    We are a team of licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists who specialize in ADHD, addictions, mood disorders and trauma. We also provide individual therapeutic coaching and ...

    1442 Camino Del Mar #211, Del Mar, CA 92014

    t: 760.634.1704
    f: 760.494.7231
    w: and

  • The In Place
    In |ADD Coaches|Educational Specialists|Professional Organizers|Support Groups|

    As a certified ADHD coach and professional organizer, I am dedicated to helping adults and teens with ADHD overcome difficulties, get organized, follow their passions, and create the lives they wan...

    134 Thacher St., Milton, MA 02186

    t: 617-898-0302
    f: 555-555-5555

  • Clear Spaces
    In |ADD Coaches|Professional Organizers|

    Coaching to eliminate the time and physical clutter in your life. On-site organizing is available in the Greater St. Louis Area. Our mission is to help you live the life you want to live.


    8772 Pine Ave, St. Louis, MO 63144

    t: 314-956-2282


  • Space4U Organizing a
    In |ADD Coaches|Professional Organizers|

    Life’s big changes. We all get overwhelmed sometimes. You’re stuck and want to move forward but how? Adult ADHD diagnosis and … now what? Want more time but you’re not sure where the prob...

    Amherst, NH 03031