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  • Kim Collins, SCAC
    In |ADD Coaches|

    Senior Certified ADHD Coach and Time Management Consultant specializing in workplace productivity....

    12411 Hickory Tree Way, Germantown, MD 20874

    t: 240-361-2322
    f: 202-595-1969

  • Paul O'Connor, MCC
    In |ADD Coaches|

    Paul O'Connor is a Master Certified Coach who works with ADHD business owners, executives and professionals. A Senior Certified ADHD Coach, he also serves as the Secretary of the Professional Assoc...

    Atlanta, GA 30307

  • Dr. Marie L. Walbridge
    In |ADD Coaches|

    I have conducted many trainings for the California Dept. of Rehabilitation in ADD coaching....

    1262 Barry Avenue #11, LA, CA 90025

    t: 310-478-3383
    f: 310-478-5688

  • Phyllis Flood Knerr
    In |ADD Coaches|

    Grad of Optimal Functioning Institute. ADD Coach Training- Graduate School of Coaching and Coachville; CPO-CD by National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization; certified in ADD; Elderly; Physical Ch...

    119 Walnut St, Haddonfield, NJ 8033

    t: 856-429-5425


  • Andrea Yellinek - M.
    In |ADD Coaches|


    75-24 Bell Blvd. - #2A, Bayside, MI 11364