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  • Susan Lynch Gannon -
    In |Career Counselors or Vocational Support|

    "Trained in MBTI Step II; Clark Wilson 360 Survey Instrument; Campbell Interest and Skill Inventory. Author of "The Mentor Link: Bridging Education and Employment." Journal of College Placement.",Phi...

    34 South Broadway Suite 110, White Plains, NY 10601

    t: 914-833-2512
    f: 914-833-2512

  • Hall Coaching Group
    In |ADD Coaches|Career Counselors or Vocational Support|Educational Specialists|Licensed Clinical Psychologists|Licensed Mental Health Therapists|Psychologists and Social Workers|

    Is your disorganization and poor time management impacting you at work? Did you have an IEP and services in school but now you're not sure how to adjust at work or in University?

    I help pro...

    2102 Business Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92612

    t: 9495068367
    f: 9495068367

  • Cherokee & North Fulton County; GA CH.A.D.D.
    In |Career Counselors or Vocational Support|

    ADDult/Parent Support Groups & Children Social Skills Groups...

    1105 Rock Pointe Look, Woodstock, GA 30188

    t: 770-381-8687 ext. 1
    f: 770-442-5507

  • Center for NeuroFitness
    In |Career Counselors or Vocational Support|Educational Specialists|Licensed Mental Health Therapists|Other Medical Professionals|Other Mental Health Professionals|

    At the Center for NeuroFitness, we use EEG Neurofeedback and/or the Interactive Metronome to teach the brains of those challenged with ADD to function better! NF also works well with co-morbid con...

    248 Southpark Circle East, Saint Augustine, FL 32086

    t: 904-797-5680