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  • Donald Haupt - M.D.
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    "Co-author with Eileen Bailey, of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Adult ADHD" Diagnostic", medication and psychotherapy for adults, 18 and over. Specialize in Adult ADHD, anxiety and mood disorders. Col...

    14 Elliot Avenue Suite 4, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-3412

    t: 610-520-1782
    f: 610-520-1783

  • Jennifer Bramer - Ph.D.; Licensed Professional Counselor
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|Other Medical Professionals|Other Mental Health Professionals|


    East Lansing, MI 4400

    t: (517) 337-9971
    f: (517) 337-1795

  • Hall Coaching Group
    In |ADD Coaches|Career Counselors or Vocational Support|Educational Specialists|Licensed Clinical Psychologists|Licensed Mental Health Therapists|Psychologists and Social Workers|

    Is your disorganization and poor time management impacting you at work? Did you have an IEP and services in school but now you're not sure how to adjust at work or in University?

    I help pro...

    2102 Business Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92612

    t: 9495068367
    f: 9495068367

  • Harold C. Cohen - Ph
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    Advocacy; Adults - In-person; telephone; E-mail...


  • Marquita Bedway - Ph
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    child;adolescent;young adult - Individual-cog behav; family systems...

    383 Fisher Road, Grosse Pointe, MI 48230