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  • Gary Eisenberg; Ph.D
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    Private and solo practice - Psychological Testing and Therapy...

    950 Glades Road Suite 1A, Boca Raton, FL 33431

    t: 561-392-1414
    f: 561-391-2722

  • Dr. Nancy White; PhD
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    Clinical; QEEG Testing/Assessment; Neurofeedback; Marriage and Family Therapy; Sex Therapy...

    1900 Saint James Place Suite 800, Houston, TX 77056

  • Karen DeBolt - MA -
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    Psychotherapy and Treatment Daycare - Strength based; systemic; solution focused...

    5234 NE Farmcrest St., Hillsboro, OR 97124

    t: 503-459-2073


  • Ross Mayberry PhD / The ADHD Center - Licensed Psychologist
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|

    "Assessment and treatment of ADHD and co-occuring disorders/issues, ages 12 & up. Decades of experience with my own ADHD, my daughters' and hundreds of clients. Eclectic treatment approach with hum...

    2800 E. Madison St., #306, Seattle, WA 98112

  • Amy Wilder - License
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|


    2025 S. Arlington Heights, Arlington Heights, IL 60005