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  • Jennifer Bramer - Ph.D.; Licensed Professional Counselor
    In |Licensed Clinical Psychologists|Other Medical Professionals|Other Mental Health Professionals|


    East Lansing, MI 4400

    t: (517) 337-9971
    f: (517) 337-1795

  • Dr. Steven Richfield & Dr. Caryn Richfield - Clinical Psychologists (Psy.D. - 1986 Hahnemann University)
    In |Other Mental Health Professionals|

    ADHD specialty practice; children; adolescents; adults; couples - one-to-one focused coaching of self-control; social and academic skills in children; parent training; individual psychotherapy with ad...

    P. O. Box 1263, Ble Bell, PA 19462

    t: 610-238-4450
    f: 610-275-0178

  • Evelyn Solis - M.A.;
    In |Other Mental Health Professionals|

    Private Practice - Cognitive-Behavioral; Existential; Family Systems...

    1032 West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA 95117

  • Dr. M. Taylor Bach -
    In |Other Mental Health Professionals|

    Private - Transactional Analysis...

    463 Commonwealth Ave. #104, Erlanger, KY 41018

  • Stephanie Sarkis - P
    In |Other Mental Health Professionals|

    Private practice in counseling ADD adults; teens; and children - Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Play Therapy...

    7301 W. Palmetto Park Road Suite 205A, Boca Raton, FL 33433