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  • Judith E. Gringorten
    In |Psychologists and Social Workers|

    Psychotherapy - Individual;Group;Family...

    130 North Main St, New City, NY 10956

    t: 917-903-9665
    f: 212-214-0455

  • Mary Dermody - LPC;
    In |Psychologists and Social Workers|


    3001 5 th St. STE 300, Metairie, LA 70002

  • Joan Schleicher - Cl
    In |Psychologists and Social Workers|

    clinical psychology; forensics - practical and dynamic...

    2323 21st Avenue South Suite 401, Nashville, TN 37212

  • Linda Hoogterp - BS;
    In |Psychologists and Social Workers|

    Private Practice: Office in Holly Michigan 1 1/2 mile east of I-75 at exit 101 - Psychodynamic; cognitive behavioral; neurofeedback...

    15045 Dixie Highway Suite C, Holly, MI 48442

  • Betsy Davenport - Phd
    In |Psychologists and Social Workers|

    Private practice - Evaluations; structured counseling for AD/HD management...

    2525 NW Lovejoy Street Suite 403, Portland, OR 97210

    t: 503-241-3727