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Game-changing “virtual coach” videos and tools that help you escape the overwhelm and live to your potential. With simple strategies that take just minutes to learn and minutes a day to turn into powerful habits, if you can tie your shoe, you can change your life with the Crusher™ approach. Created by a successful executive/entrepreneur who crushed his own ADHD using these strategies, ADD Crusher™ videos are recommended by professional ADHD coaches across the country. They’re as close to having your own personal ADHD coach as you can get…without hiring one. “Best consumer ADHD video tool on the market. ADD Crusher™ videos are entertaining and empowering. I highly recommend this series. If you want to move forward with many of the challenges of ADHD with simple, powerful and easy-to-implement strategies, then purchase this video today.” –David Giwerc, Founder/President, ADD Coach Academy

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