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"Trained in MBTI Step II; Clark Wilson 360 Survey Instrument; Campbell Interest and Skill Inventory. Author of "The Mentor Link: Bridging Education and Employment." Journal of College Placement.",Philosophy: STOP + develop your intentions + apply strategic thinking + structure and support= sense of your own power and productivity. - Work Experience: 20+year track record in coaching (AD/HD; career transition management; and outplacement). Specialize in ADD; Career; and Development Coaching. Worked in Human Resource Planning and Recruitment for large organizations. Ran graduate career planning office and started mentor program for undergraduate college. Assistant Director of Graduate Career Planning Office. Designed and delivered interview training programs for companies and individuals. Facilitated strategic planning process for a number of different divisions of a large company. - Client Types: Adults; College Students; Business owners/Executives; Professionals; Entrepreneurs; Artists - Coaching Format: Phone; In Person; Email - Personal Characteristics: Help people gain momentum in work and life; unlock hidden strengths; cut through fog and FOCUS on viable options. Provide STRUCTURE and PRIORITIZE choices; develop SKILLS and STRATEGIES to cope with challenges of work/life. Compassionate and tenacious. Laser beam focus on what is important to you. I really do believe that I must be the change I wish to see in the world.(adapted from Gandhi's quote) - Additional Info: Over 20 years of experience in coaching; career management; human resources; and facilitation. Work with ADHD executives; professionals and college students as a catalyst and coach. Together we create a development plan which connects the present with the future in ways never imagined before. I have helped many clients become aware of their own powersource and learn new tools that they have resisted in the past. (i.e. planning; prioritizing; and communicating with people in more intentional ways.) The purpose is to create self-sufficiency and fulfillment by living and working more purposefully.

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